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Introducing Magic Loops - Easy automation with AI

Updated: at 03:22 PM

Howdy! We’re Adam and Mihai from Magic Loops — a new way to program computers using generative AI.


Magic Loops combine LLMs and code to make simple automations easy to build and run.

🙈 The Problem

You want to automate a repetitive task or workflow.
Today, you’re likely:

  1. Attempting to use a no-code/low-code tool but struggling with limitations
  2. Trying to use ChatGPT but struggling with numbers and repeatability
  3. Calling an engineer because you’re in over your head

🪄 Magic Loops

Simply describe your task and we’ll generate a loop that uses a combination of code and LLM “blocks” to handle your workflow.

We give you full control over the loop, allowing you to change and modify it until it fits your needs.

You can run the loop at set times or by sending an email or webhook. Each loop can utilize code, LLMs, integrations, and APIs. The output of each loop is a text message, email, or webhook.

Once you’ve tested your loop, hit publish and we’ll host it for you.

What are people using Magic Loops for?

Investors: Watching YC launches

Can of Soup: Generating novel pictures

Bland AI: Demoing your API-based product

Our Ask

Try out Magic Loops and let your imagination run wild!

We’ve seen a variety of uses from simple stock watchers all the way to complex customer onboarding flows.

If you find a loop you can’t yet build, reach out and we’ll build it with you.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you create!