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Automating shared Slack channels

Updated: at 07:15 AM


Watch the video to learn how to create a Slack Bot and then use this example loop.


Magic Loops can be used to automate almost anything.

One of the challenges with existing automation solutions is the reliance on a 3rd party to have the correct integrations you need.

With Magic Loops, even if the best AI in the world isn’t up-to-date, you can still build the necessary automations.

At the end of the day, it’s all just code!

Watch the video below to learn how we take advantage of this fact to build an automation that invites an external user to a shared Slack channel, something that wasn’t possible until 2023 and was (temporarily) missing from the training data for OpenAI’s GPT-4.


The Loop

You can find the example Loop from the video here.

To activate the Loop, you’ll need to create a Slack Bot (as demonstrated in the video) and acquire the BOT_TOKEN.